Sheri D. Elks
Owner, President - ToothWerks, Inc.
Sheri D. Elks, At a Glance

Sheri D. Elks was inspired to pursue her current career path by a desire to make the most of the knowledge and experience that she had come to acquire over the years, in a professional setting that would enable her to help others. When Ms. Elks was in high school, she belonged to a club where she had to have a technical job. She wanted to work in medicine, but there wasn't anything available. An adviser suggested she work in a dental laboratory. She earned a Certification through the National Board for Certification in Dental Technology, and she has since remained committed to keeping abreast of trends and developments in the field. She enjoys reading, playing the guitar, drawing and RVing when she is not working.

Sheri D. Elks
Owner, President
ToothWerks, Inc
Specializing in the Manufacture of Bridges
and Crowns
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